What We Do

The Jolata Platform enables network operators to build and maintain low-latency, high-performance networks using high-precision network performance analytics.

In real-time, Jolata determines network problems and root causes, all the way down to vendor equipment and location. It eliminates traditional finger-pointing "blame game" when problems are detected.

Jolata reduces TCO by optimizing network performance when problems are found, determining when and where the networks need expansion, and reducing over-provisioning.

Finally, Jolata enables customer monetize new services by commanding a premium for low-latency, or as a competitive differentiator.


Founded and led by executives from the telecom, big data and network performance industries, including companies such as Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Juniper, Symmetricom, Lucent, P-Com and PureWave...


Jolata is a group of smart, aggressive people with the common goal of revamping how you gather, process and visualize network intelligence. We are ambitious, with the goal of owning the category of network visbility for latency management. We believe that if you can't see it, you can't fix it, optimize it, or monetize it. If you are interested in solving massive, complex big data problems, then we want you!

We're in San Jose, conveniently located near the San Jose International Airport. we are small, nimble and avoid hierarchy and process (for the sake of process) at all costs. And we have a sense of humor. It will be hard to succeed here if you can't laugh now and then. If that sounds interesting to you, please send us your resume today!


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We're located in the heart of the Silcon Valley
Jolata, Inc.
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